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Grade8 English/Social Studies Guides 2011-2012

Grade 8 English/Socials-Learning Guide Expectations

Each concept has a seminar and assignment part. Note taking during seminars is expected.

If the student misses a seminar they must work with the teacher to assure understanding of the concept before doing the assignment.

Some deadlines are established for those guides which have
in-class tests.

All submitted work must have a cover page with student name, section, and learning guide number. Final work is to be done in black/blue pen, computer generated or emailed (eg. power point)

All submitted written work must be double spaced (whether by hand or on computer)

All rough copies must be available on request. The rough copies are to show editing in a different colour or run off and edited by pen/pencil.

All work is marked for proper spelling, punctuation, neatness...

Learning Guides are available on Ms.Fowell’s blog.

“Fowell’s Followers”

English 8
LG 1 Grammar

Concepts: Parts of speech, Plurals and possessives, Types of sentences, Punctuation, Subject/Verb agreement, Verb/Pronoun agreement.


Review use and examples of parts of speech, plurals and possessives, types of sentences, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, and verb/pronoun agreement.


Complete the grammar fun pack. Correct the work using the key provided in class.

Complete the test that will be given in class

Socials 8
LG 1 Mapping the Roman Empire

Concept: Essential Mapping Skills


Reviewing the essential elements needed when doing maps


On the Mediterranean Region Map:

1) Shade the area that was ruled by the Roman Empire
2) Write in the modern day nations that are covered by this
shading. Draw in Great Britain.
3) Indicate where Rome is situated.


Across the Centuries p27-31



English/Socials 8
LG 2 7-Step Paragraph Writing

Concept: Paragraph writing to inform


Review outline for creating an information 7-step paragraph
Review information about the fall of Rome


Write a 7-step paragraph explaining the causes for the fall of the Roman Empire.


Across the Centuries p27-31


Why did Rome fall?

Fall of Rome-reasons

English/Socials 8
LG 3 Paragraph Writing

Concepts: Paragraph writing to entertain, persuade and

Review 3 types of paragraphs: narrative, descriptive, and expository. Discuss how and when each would be used.

Descriptive-describes in detail using as many of the 5 senses to get a complete feel of the topic.

Narrative-Tell an anecdote.

Expository-Gives an opinion or instructions.

Write a paragraph of each type (descriptive, narrative, expository) using the Medieval times for the background.

Use information about castles, manors and knights to develop these paragraphs.


Across the Centuries p262-270

English/Socials 8
LG 4 Novel Study-Response Journal

Concepts: Personal responses/reactions to novel content.


Discussion and examples presented on the types of personal responses to what is being read. Literature log response starters and reading logs will be supplied.


Choose a novel from the list provided. Novels not on the list may be chosen as long as the setting is during Medieval times.

As you read, write your personal responses. State feelings, thoughts, reactions, and questions about, situations, ideas, actions, characters, settings, plot, theme and any other elements of the book. You can’t be wrong in your responses, so take some risks and be honest.
Do not write about the plot.

Suggested Titles:
1-There Will Be Wolves by: Karleen Bradford
2-Peregrine by: Joan Elizabeth Goodman
3-The Edge on the Sword by: Rebecca Tingle
4-Catherine, Called Birdy by: Karen Cushman
English 8
LG 5 Essay Writing, Editing and Power Point

Concepts: Essay Writing, Editing strategies and resources.
How to develop a power point presentation
A) Essay Writing -this will include how to use a standard format for writing a multiple paragraph essay. This will include information on the introduction paragraph and how to establish a thesis for the essay. Then the content of the middle body paragraphs will be addressed and finally how to develop an effective concluding paragraph. The writing process will also be presented using the pre-writing, draft, revision, final copy approach.

B) Editing-
Review of types of errors to edit.
Discuss and give samples of editing strategies.
Demonstrate uses of resources used for editing.
Review expectations for rough copies, check list and final copy.

C) Power Point-
Review process of developing a power point presentation

Practice-Edit two articles presented in class.

Essay Writing-Write a multi-paragraph essay using the format presented. Each paragraph will be a power point page.
Topic/Resources: Choose one religion from the following list:


Information to be included:
Who founded the religion
When and Where it began
Where the followers pray
Who the leaders are
Rules the members abide by
Special attire

Submit: rough copy and signed checklist

Editing Check list

Grammar and Presentation


2-Punctuation-capitals, periods, quotation marks

3-Sentences-complete, combined

4-Paragraphs-single topic/focus, intro/conclusion

5-Followed outline-second, third drafts

6-Supportive descriptors-adjectives, adverbs

7-Tense consistent

8-Same person throughout


1-I read this out loud

2-It was also edited by________________________________________

English 8

LG6 Literary Scavenger Hunt

Concepts: Literary Awareness


Discussion about literacy, where we find it and how to use the resources (library, inter net etc,) available in the community.


Find as many items on the list provided. 2 marks will be given for each item found.

Literary Scavenger Hunt

1. A copy of 3 Canadian magazines
2. A Dr. Seuss book.
3. A foreign novel translated into English.
4. A book review published in a newspaper.
5. A classified ad for a house, a boat and a service
6. A copy of “The Divinci Code”.
7. Design a book cover for a novel you have read.
8. A copy of three books with different genres.
9. Signatures of 1 female, 1 males from each age group.
Question- What was the last book you read?(on back)
10. The titles of the four plays 2010 at Bard on the Beach.
11. 3 different examples of graphic novels.
12. A current list of the top 10 best sellers.
13. 2 books you have read and seen the movie for.
14. Applications for a job, passport and college.
15. A Canadian novel that won an Oscar for best picture.
16. The first book your parents read to you.
17. The oldest book you can find. (minimum 20 years old)
18. A book in a language other than English.
19. A copy of a religious book.
20. Dewey Decimal System codes for poetry and novels.
21. 3 Shakespeare plays that are also movies.
22. Your public library card.
23. 3 authors who wrote under 2 different names
24. A manual.
25. A general review of the magazine Youthink.

Name_______________ Section______ Mark______

Worksheet for # 9

Age Name Book Title










Socials 8
LG 6 Religion Quiz

Concepts: Note taking, information retention


Review note taking strategies for oral presentations.


1) take notes on the information presented during the class power point on the different religions.

Who founded the religion
When and Where it began
Where the followers pray
Who the leaders are
Rules the members abide by
Special attire

2) Class test on the information from these presentations.
Chart and notes taken during presentations are to be used.

English/Socials 8
LG 7 Letter Writing

Concepts: Structures, formats, and proper content used in formal letter writing. Writing for a specific audience.

Different types of letters/audiences will be dicussed-opinion, inquiry, complaint, appreciation and personal letters.
The structures of a formal letter will be reviewed-greetings, salutations, paragraph content and presentation of necessary information.

The student will compose 2 formal letters using proper format.

The student will compose 2 formal letters using proper format.

One letter will be from a soldier who has gone on the Crusades. He will report to his commander, back in Rome, what has been happening. Include fighting conditions, results of battles and requests for what is needed to continue the fight.

The second letter will be from a Muslim fighter to his leader, with the same information as the Roman soldier but, from the Muslim point of view.

Across the Centuries p282-303


English 8
LG 8 Novel Study-Character and Theme

Concepts: Character development within a novel
Theme development within a novel


1) Discuss character development within the novel “The Outsiders”. Include physical and personality traits. Discuss how the characters are important to the theme and plot of the novel.

2) Discuss major and minor themes within the same novel.


1) Choose one character from the novel and write a 5 paragraph essay including physical and personality traits. Explain why you chose this particular character. Back up all opinions with direct references from the novel.

2)Choose a major or minor theme from the novel and demonstrate your understanding with a 7 step paragraph. Discuss ways it is developed within the novel “The Outsiders”. Back up all opinions with direct references from the novel.

English 8
LG 9 Novel Study-Plot

Concepts: Identify elements of the plot line in a novel.
Silent, aural and oral reading comprehension.


The novel “The Outsiders” will be read as a class. It will alternately be read by the teacher, orally by the students and quiet reading.


There will be an class test at the end of the novel. It will cover plot, characters and themes.

LG 8 Becoming a Knight-Brochure


Historical information about the Era of Knights.


Review the information about the Knights. How they started. How they compare with being soldiers today.


Create a brochure to encourage men to become knights.
Include: process to follow, skills needed, how they benefit, equipment needed, why its important to them and their country, codes of honour....

Across the Centuries p271-274

Across the Centuries p282-303


Socials 8
LG 9 Renaissance Newspaper


Historical information about the Renaissance era.


Review the information about the Renaissance times.


Create a newspaper. Include articles, support visuals, editorials, political cartoons, headlines etc.

Include information about the leaders,writers, artists, inventors and scientists of the time.

Across the Centuries p308-335

Socials 8
LG 10 Reformation Theses-Critical Thinking


Historical information about the Reformation


Review information about the Reformation

Review Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.


Consider what you would change about Thomas Haney, MacDonalds or another institution or business that you have knowledge about.

Create a poster giving 15 theses of change.

Remember-These will reflect your values not someone else’s


Across the Centuries p336-352

English 8
LG 10 Poetry-Literary Terms

Concepts: Definitions and use of poetic devices.


Review definitions and examples of poetic devices which include; alliteration, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, oxymoron, symbolism, imagery, and onomatopoeia.


1)a) Create an anthology of poems that demonstrate the
use of the poetic devices presented.
b) Compose own poem which incorporate 3 of the 9
poetic devices.

Remember to underline and label the poetic devices in the poems for parts a and b. Include the authors’ names for all poems including your own.

2) Class test on definitions of poetic terms and their use.

English/Socials 8
LG 11/12/13 Scientific Revolution Invention Project

Representation of knowledge using a visual/text/oral format.

Concepts: Integrated learning
Aspects of oral presentations
Presenting visual information

How learning can be integrated rather than categorized. How to look at assignments within a big picture. Saving time and producing quality assignments for multiple credits.

Review expectations around oral presentations focusing on content, organization of information and physical presentation.

Discussion about the era the scientific revolution.

Across the Centuries p353-360



1) Create a modern day invention-include a written guide or
manual to explain how it works and the impact on society.
2) Create a detailed diagram or 3D model of your invention
showing how it works.
3) Put together an oral presentation to sell it to a company for
production. May include power point, commercials (tv/radio),
magazine ad, billboard ad.....

This project may be done with a partner.

Oral Presentation Checklist
Scientific Revolution Invention Project




Circle the appropriate number:
1-poor 2-fair 3-good 4-very good 5-excellent

Knowledge of topic 1 2 3 4 5

Proper use of language 1 2 3 4 5

Apparent confidence 1 2 3 4 5
(eye contact, body language, attitude)

Ability to self assess 1 2 3 4 5
(explain errors or omissions)

Prepared for interview/presentation 1 2 3 4 5

English/Socials 8
LG 14/15/16 Exploration-Colony Project

Representation of knowledge using a visual/text/oral format.

Concepts: Integrated learning
Aspects of oral presentations
Presenting visual information

How learning can be integrated rather than categorized. How to look at assignments within a big picture. Saving time and producing quality assignments for multiple credits.

Review expectations around oral presentations focusing on content, organization of information and physical presentation.

Discussion about the era of exploration.

Across the Centuries p362-381


These 3 guides will be for written information, visual representation and oral presentation.

1) Create a brochure, power point or commercial storyboard to
promote your new colony.
Include information about:
government-type, leaders
industry-personal and colony economy
education-schools, training
resources-what is available in the area for survival needs
geography-physical layout of the surrounding area

2) Create a detailed map or 3-D model of your colony.
Use mapping essentials.
water sources, trade routes, resources, land use,
buildings and other information given in assignment #1

This project may be done with a partner

Interview/Presentation Checklist
Exploration-Colony Project




Circle the appropriate number:
1-poor 2-fair 3-good 4-very good 5-excellent

Knowledge of topic 1 2 3 4 5

Proper use of language 1 2 3 4 5

Apparent confidence 1 2 3 4 5
(eye contact, body language, attitude)

Ability to self assess 1 2 3 4 5
(explain errors or omissions)

Prepared for interview/presentation 1 2 3 4 5


English 8
LG 17 Bias and Stereotype

Concepts: Stereotype, bias

Bias-a particular tendency or inclination, prejudice.

Stereotype-an often oversimplified or biased mental picture held to characterize the typical individual of a group
Review the development of a 7-step paragraph

Bias-Write 2, 7-step paragraphs on a chosen topic.
One paragraph will present the “for” arguments
One paragraph will present the “against” arguments.

Stereotype-Write a 5 paragraph essay demonstrating
3 stereotype groups that you fit into.

Possible topics for Bias paragraphs:
1-Capital Punishment
2-Legalization of Pot
3-Banning Use of Cell Phones in Schools
4-School Uniforms
5-Raising the Driving Age to 18
7-Should we have held the 2010 Olympics
or-Student Choice-must check the preferred topic with teacher.

Socials 8
LG 17 Mayan/Aztec/Inca Poster

Historical information about the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures

Review informaton about the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures with regards to Religion, Agriculture, Accomplishments and Geographic location.

Choose one of the 3 cultures and make a poster divides into 4 sections. Include colour illustrations, related information and labels. Do in note form.
The 4 sections of your poster are:
Geographic Location

Resources: Across the Centuries Mayan p404-409
Aztec p420-428
Inca p429-435

English/Socials 8
LG 18 Graphic Novels and Freytag Pyramid

Representation of knowledge using a visual/text format.
Using a Freytag Pyramid to show key elements of a short story plot line

1) Introduction to graphic novels. Demonstrate how visual clues help to enhance text. Examples of visual demonstration of emotions, senses, symbols, onomatopoeia, time lines and use of quotations.
2)Introduction to the program “Comic Life”. Discuss when and how to use the program.
3)Discuss the elements of a short story using the Freytag Pyramid model. These elements include introduction, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion.

1-Fill in the Freytag Pyramid sheet for the myth read in class.

2-Develop a graphic novel for the myth you chose. Do a Freytag Pyramid outline first. There should be one picture to show the Title, Introduction, Inciting Incident and Conclusion.
More information is needed for Rising Action and Falling Action, so there should be a minimum of 2 pictures for each of these.
Pictures may be drawn, cut from magazines or downloaded off the inter net.

Mayan Myth
Freytag Pyramid Summary

Inciting incident:
Rising Action:
Falling Action:

English/Socials 8
LG 19-Note Taking

Concepts: Note taking


Discussion and examples of note taking for text, fiction and oral presentation of information.


In class examples of note taking strategies.

Test on all types of note taking.
Test questions based on examples done in class:

Text: Across the Centuries-general text features/Crusades
Fiction: The Outsiders
Oral Presentation: Seminar on Bias and Stereotype

English/Socials 8
LG 20-Course Reflection

Concepts: Student self-assessment


Discussion and examples of student self-assessment


Complete an in class self-assessment sheet.

Items to consider include:
Student progress and work habits
Evaluation of the English and Social Studies learning guides
Discussion of favourite/least favorite guides
Suggestions for other activities.


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